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Journée internationale du refus de la misère 2020 - Compte-rendu

Dear friends from Justice au Coeur,

Thank you very much for your donation. As Covid-19 drags on, we are intensifying our work on the right to family life. Because most family court hearings are being carried out remotely, with a combination of Skype and telephone, we recently helped carry out research commissioned by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory into how parents experience the consequences of this. Despite the anguish of poverty, the United Nations Day for the Eradication of Poverty was a source of inspiration for us as twenty people in poverty shared their original poetry.

To cite a few lines from Lareine Kenmogne's poem:

Let's show how much we care.

The young people of today are the future of tomorrow.

Let's show the power of love.

With thanks for all your support.


Diana Skelton

National Coordination Team

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